NIS is a global bearings company. Incorporated in Singapore, NIS Bearings is the epitome of trustworthiness and reliability. We exist to support our partners’ and customers’ business with bearings that take it further. At NIS, strong and lasting relationships with our stakeholders drive our ability to deliver the best value to them. By staying close to the stakeholders and understanding their needs, NIS provides solutions that bring satisfaction to customers, principals and staff.

NIS is not just any bearing manufacturer. Here at NIS, we are committed to bringing value to our stakeholders. We adhere to high quality standards in our bearings. Our manufacturing facilities are subjected to a high degree of quality control measures to ensure that our products exceed customers’ expectations. An excellent bearing translates into time and cost savings for its user. In using our products, our customers maximise their investment through longer lasting machineries. By letting their business roll on our bearings, our customers will experience both the strength and dependability of our products.

Advanced technology and a team of dedicated staff are the reasons behind NIS’ value-enhancing solutions. The strong relationships that we forge with our customers are evident in NIS’ corporate values of being knowledgeable, positive, and confident. Regular in-house trainings ensure that our staff’s knowledge is current and in-depth so that we can provide top-notch service to our customers. We ensure that every customer is well taken care of by thoroughly understanding the bearing industry’s niche requirements, thereby providing high value solution-oriented products and technical support to match our customers’ needs.